digital artist

me, myself and I. (from "portrait series.")
calm. (from "portrait series.")
together. (from "portrait series.")
childhood. (from "portrait series.")
the defender. (from "portrait series.")
focused, not afraid. (from "portrait series.")
broken windshield.
to be late.
maybe peace will find me in spring.
the disassembly of my context.
your final glance.
the guardians of the night.
we move.
in motion.
the trail of a deranged mind.
sleeping through my sweet mortality.
can you see me?
you are coming along, alone, into my darkness.
we don't care.
the voice of the seeker.
sidus sanctuarium.
the crusade.
quite an eventful afternoon.
midnight dancers.
can I love myself better than yesterday?
the guardian of the palace.
the last dance of a broken soul.
I wish I could have shown my emotions.
the spark that gave light to my childhood.
unleash the power within.
the wolves.
a new beginning.
I brought flowers to my past, ready to move on.
in my own fantasy, I remain.
we were meant to dance together.
let my faith pave the way.
in the midst of despair, I fight to forget.
the kiss.
let the pain transform you.
rainbows and solitude.
trouble threw away my fragile sanity.
heaven. (from the series "between lives")
vanish. (from the series "between lives")
shift. (from the series "between lives")
agony. (from the series "between lives")
phases. (from the series "between lives")
rebirth. (from the series "between lives")
the presence of beauty was never enough.
if I wake up, you disappear.
what keeps me away from paradise.
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